Infographic Modular

by Helena Calais

For this modular we had to create an infographic. An infographic is defined as “Information graphics or infographics are graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge.” In other words and infographic is a graphic representation of information that combines statistics or facts and images to convey a message.

I wanted to create an image that was congruent visually. Color was an important aspect for me because I know from experience how difficult it is to create digital images with subtle colors rather than overwhelming ones.

Starting with the project I had no idea what to do the project on, but because of the number of girls in my dorm who knit and who have begun knitting within the past months, I felt that this would be a relevant topic to do. I also knew that I wanted to do soft and subtle colors that would help to convey the emotions and colors that knitting is traditionally associated with.

This was a difficult project for me to do. Because of the organic nature of my subject I did not want the image to be too structured, but I know that there needs to be a visual hierarchy and that the reader needs to know how to read it. To help do this I incorporated the grid in the background and the light boxes around the information.

Over all, I am relatively happy with this design considering how hard this was for me. I enjoyed creating the illustrations for this, I really enjoyed making the yarn balls and the loose yarn as well as the cat.

What I would like to do differently about this is better organization of facts and over all layout, and make better use of negative space.

PDF of infographic..